I'm Having Problems Logging In

I'm Having Problems Logging In

If you're having problems logging into your TeeTime Golf Pass Digital account, try these steps:

1. Please note - the TeeTime Golf Pass Digital account is only valid for customers who ordered a Digital Edition of the golf pass.  If you ordered the PRINT EDITION, you don't have an account and won't be able to login.

2. Make sure you're using the same email address as the one you used when you made your purchase.

3. If you've entered your email into the Magic Link field and clicked on the link in your email and it won't login you in, please try clearing your browser cookies and/or clearing your cache.

4. If you've been gifted TeeTime Golf Pass from someone with a different email address, you'll need to wait until the account has been created and you'll get an email notifying you that your account has been set up and will include a login link.
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